Vital Services Contractors

Results Delivered

Operations Management of Central Gaming Systems, Gaming Technology Development, and IT Support Services

GSE U.S. Domestic Lottery Management in Washington, D.C.

Vital Services Contractors is an operations management firm of central gaming systems specializing in gaming technology development and offers a wide selection of IT business services to the government sector. Established in 2009, VSC has significantly grown its book of business.

In 2010, we partnered with Intralot for the operations and management of the District of Columbia Lottery & Related Services contract. In 2019, VSC joined Intralot, as the Lead subcontractor providing Contract Operations & Management oversight for the first GSE Sports Wagering, Lottery and Related Services contract in the U.S.

Areas of Expertise

VSC specializes in providing Project oversight and management of IT systems and Project Operations, with a focus on GSE Gaming systems and related services. We have experienced staff with credentials in SDLC, Defect Management control, Configuration management, and a wide variety of SW tools and products that allow VSC to lead the implementation and management of large, complex, IT systems and projects. In addition, we also hire, train, and manage back-office and operations staff for call centers and various types of field service positions.

Vital Services Contractors

What Sets Us Apart

We gained substantive experience running a multimillion-dollar complex, highly public, US state lottery contract. In addition, we are the only Minority-owned Government-Sponsored Enterprise (GSE) firm providing oversight and management of a US Domestic central gaming system and related services.